“No Limits” in the West End

There’s “We will rock you”, “Mamma Mia” and now “Thriller”, but if you haven’t had enough of tacky musicals consisting of chorus line renditions of once-respected pop acts, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that yet another legend of contemporary music is set to produce one. Nineties dance act 2 Unlimited want you to “Get ready for this”; their spectacular new collaboration with Andrew Lloyd-Wubbler and Tim Spaghetti. Entitled “No Limits: Reach for the Sky”, it follows the trials and tribulations of two people trying to come up with new ideas for West End shows. All the big hits are there, “Twilight Zone”, “Workaholic”, “Let the beat control your body”, and who could forget, “The Magic Friend” ?

Also apparently in production, entitled “Spaceman”, is a show featuring the songs of another legendary 90s act, Babylon Zoo. Rumour has it that the cast have been subjected to an intense fitness regime and that every performance involves the inhalation of a large amount of helium.


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